There were reports from France on Sunday evening that Manchester City may be prepared to make a bold step of snatching Borussia Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona.

According to LeSport10, the 20-year-old winger landed in Manchester on Sunday to dine with Man City manager Pep Guardiola and discuss a proposed move to England for the coming season.

These news are coming in under one week following allegations by Spanish outlet Sport that Barcelona were packaging an offer to the tune of £61.6 million for the thrilling Frenchman. However, Guardiola is currently occupying the driving seat.

But the question is: will Dembele add any value to the Etihad?

Currently, Dembele is one of the newest prospects in Europe.  He has hit the scene at Borussia Dortmund this year, making the footballing fraternity to recognise his ability.  Last season, the 20 year-old played a big role in Dortmund’s youthful outfit.  He made a total of 32 appearances in all the 10 Bundesliga and featured in each of their ten Champion Leagues matches.

The youngster is only 20 years old, and full of potential. Following a series of remarkable performances comprising of 8 goals across 36 matches, 2 in Europe and six in Bundesliga, it doesn’t do him justice.

Dembele works best in a wide position and that is why he is usually deployed in a front three like Guardiola’s usual formation the past season.  He is swift with his legs when he faces a defender and there are few players around who can rival his speed. He has the natural ability to maneuver his way out of any complex situation.

At only 20, he is far more mature than what he ought to be. While Leroy Sane doesn’t have a clinical edge yet in the final third some times and frequently tries too many dribbles, Dembele possesses the expertise to know the proper time he should release the ball.  This is shown by his total of 18 assists spanning over the 42 matches he has played.

The youngster has developed a very ingenious edge to his act over the past year. As such, his pace and acceleration might actually prove to be a powerful asset against the topmost defenders in the Premier League.

But the question is: is Dembele likely to move to the Premier?

Presently, as an established first team regular and also playing guaranteed Champions League football, the chances of him wanting to move from Borussia Dortmund so soon are slim.  There seems to be no apparent treason for him to want to do that.

In recent weeks, the German news outlet Waz have had reports addressing the youthful winger’s short-term future. Dortmund’s director Michael Zorc reportedly said:

“Ousmane Dembele has a long-term contract – we are planning on it.

“There are no negotiations. Dembele will also play for BVB in the coming season.

He concluded: “If Dortmund is not contacted [by interested clubs], we could initiate a Fifa procedure.”

Consequently, it looks like no matter the amount of money Pep Guardiola has to offer, the Bundesliga side is most unlikely to be swayed and that is why you should expect to see Dembele wearing a Dortmund shirt come next season.