Gabriel Jesus is enjoying his growing partnership with Sergio Aguero whom he terms as “amazing”. The 20-year-old Brazilian claims that the duo’s off-field relationship helps their compatibility on the field.

Gabriel joined Manchester City in January and quickly established himself in the side and many people saw his form to be quite a threat to Aguero.

Aguero started to find himself excluded from the squad a bit more, as Jesus went on to score three goals in his initial three Premier League appearances, giving the Argentina International some stiff competition.

In February, Jesus suffered a broken metatarsal which disrupted his progress. However, he quickly got back into shape after getting back to the pitch, carrying that over into the current season.

There had been suggestions that Jesus was going to replace Aguero but have since been dispelled.  The two have been playing impressively together. Neither of them appears to have been affected negatively taking into consideration the fact that the duo have scored 13 league goals this season.

Speaking to Premier League Productions, Jesus said: “I get on with Sergio very well,” adding “He’s an amazing guy. All of us know what type of player he is. He’s a fantastic person and I’m a fan of his.

The excited Jesus further stated: “I get on with Sergio very well,” Jesus told Premier League Productions. “He’s an amazing guy. All of us know what type of player he is. He’s a fantastic person and I’m a fan of his.

“It’s very good to play with him. When you have a good relationship off the pitch, it’s easier to bring it on to the pitch. That’s what we have.

“We help each other and that helps Manchester City. We both defend the shirt of this club, so we pull together on the pitch, the same way we get along off the pitch,” revealed the Brazilian. “I support him and I hope he can beat the record as soon as possible. He deserves to become the top scorer of this club.”


The whole year has been great for Jesus and there are indications that it could become increasingly impressive.  This is because, in case he plays in Manchester City’s next two matches scheduled against Wolves and West Brom and manages to avoid losing, then he would have covered 12 months without suffering a defeat – competitively – for both the club and the nation.

He was reported saying: “I’m very happy to have been all this time without losing a game,” he said. “But it’s not only me; it’s thanks to the teams I have played in, such as Palmeiras, the Brazilian national team and now Manchester City.

He concluded: “I’m very happy for achieving that milestone, but I must keep working hard and keep performing well in the games.”