City were fantastic last night what an absolute joy to watch a superb superb team in action. The passing the movement the way we were able to cut the defence and the arsenal midfield in half with a sharpness and killer instinct I have never seen from a City team before. The three sublime goals were absolute treat for anybody to watch. It has come to the stage now where fans of opposition teams love to watch us . I remember when I was a kid my dad used to tell me that you always wanted to be hated as a City fan he always wanted City to be hated because we’ve always grown up hating United. The smugness of their fans and the cocky nature that comes with it. To have city in a situation now where we are a far better team with far better squad much ¬†better business model from what I can see. I a’m seeing opposition fans wanting to watch City. I have had text messages from people from work all over the country say or what what what an absolute joy is to watch it a fantastic free flowing team. City are turning into peoples 2nd club, my second team was Newcastle, im not sure why maybe it was because of the kit or the Geordie accent.


It’s ridiculous to think we only need 10 points to win the league.

Pep said

“We are close. It’s in our hands, we can’t deny it,” manager Pep Guardiola said.

“These are the last steps to be champions. You keep going until the end.”


“Mentally we were strong. We were clinical. We scored three outstanding goals,” Guardiola said.

“It is never easy if you are not focused against teams like Arsenal.

“We were [focused] and so far we have made an amazing Premier League season.”

We are 30 points clear of Arsenal that with a 16-point lead over United restored, could win the title in a little over a month. It could be done when we play united on the 7th April. Ca you imageine!


If the we were to win the title that weekend it would be the earliest the Premier League title has ever been won.