Who would have thought, a simple poem for my favourite Manchester City player would get so much attention? Not me, that’s for sure. I just wanted to get my point across, which is of course, how much Pablo Zabaleta, means to the fans. Following on from this, I’ve written something else. Let’s see if I can get my point across even more.

  • Is Pablo Zabaleta the best right back, Manchester City have ever had?
  • Should the club listen to the fans, in regards to the departure of this great man?
  • Should the club offer him the contract he wants?
  • Should the club allow him to finish his playing career at Manchester City?
  • Should the club then offer him a position within the coaching staff?

My answer to all the above is: OH HELL YES!!!!

Pablo Zabaleta, breathes, eats, sleeps and bleeds blue. He has done for the past 9 years. He’s a passionate and dedicated team member. Manchester City Football Club, should feel honoured to have had the pleasure, of this amazing guy’s talent and personality, playing for them. They should be repaying him not declining his requests. They should be bending over backwards to keep this wonderful man at OUR club.

He wants to play…. Not for himself or the glory. But, for the fans and his teammates. He puts his heart and soul into every single match he plays. I mean, come on, he’s been battered, bruised, bandaged and bloody, then still carries on regardless. He hates to be substituted for any reason. I’ve seen him become extremely upset, when he’s been unable to carry on, due to an injury that wouldn’t stop bleeding. He’s that passionate. He’s not a pretty boy. He’s not a prima donna. He’s a good old fashioned footballer and a true warrior. I for one will be heartbroken, when Pablo Zabaleta hangs up his boots for Manchester City. I’m 100% certain, that I’m not alone on the subject and I’m sure his teammates and the majority of the fans would also agree.

Pablo Zabaleta, deserves his testimonial. Even if it’s just for putting the team on the right track, with his goal against QPR. From that and the other 2 goals, Manchester City became Champions of the football league in 2012, for the first time in 44years. Give this Man, what he wants and deserves…… Another 2 year contract.


Has Pablo Zabaleta got more to give?



Written by Kay Roberts Wednesday 10th May 2017