A shocking new revelatory documentary has indicated that Lionel Messi longed to move to Manchester City last summer after feeling like he was ‘trapped’ at Barcelona.

The superstar reportedly called Pep Guardiola, the former Nou Camp boss a few days after he became Manchester City’s coach and after which they reportedly linked up in Spain.

Messi’s father, Jorge is said to have called Manchester City’s Executive director to inform him that his son wanted to leave Barcelona. A TV3 documentary ‘Jocs fiscals’ has revealed.

It is believed that Jorge phoned City’s official on July 6 before Messi reportedly called Guardiola for a meeting four days later.

This reportedly took place while the former Barca and Bayern boss was in his home country attending a family celebration. He is said to have immediately scheduled a meeting with Messi the moment the two spoke on phone.  Messi is a five-time Balon d’Or winner.

The duo met face-to-face after Guardiola travelled 28 miles to Barcelona, where Messi was waiting.

Messi had been slapped with a 21 months prison term in 2016 for a tax fraud and this was apparently the reason why he was troubled at the Nou Camp.

According to the documentary, the Argentine felt as if he was “trapped” with the Catalan champions.  It is believed that his father made a call to the Barcelona’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu to brief him on the radical moves that are thought to have occurred.

However, it is believed that the president reacted by saying that he will not let his ‘lucky charm’ leave the Nou Camp. Then later, Bartomeu allegedly met with Messi and made it a point to repeat his determination to retain him, before Messi finally made up his mind to stick with the Catalan giants.

Meanwhile, this summer Messi signed new terms with Barca and is expected to remain at the club till 2021. Also, to avoid going to prison, he agreed to pay a £221,000 tax fraud fine.