What a performance!

Our 100% winning streak continues as De Bryune slowly passes Sergio as the start man. City are are flying and in style too. 8 straight wins now in all competitions and we still looking 3rd gear.

This win has EVERYONE talking about us and hands down put us down as champions elect and its not even Christmas! This was of course the same as last year and the TYPICAL CITY syndrome has not completely left me.. Just yet anyway.

We are 2 points clear of a strong Everton team and the Bournemouth win was the most emphatic to date.

Kevin De Bruyne – what a player we have on our hands and the debate is weather we would swap him for Messi right now. And no i bloody would not! He is in a winning team and younger so why change a thing?

Sterling has been imminence, a new man a d start signing.. He is like a European coming to city and taking a year to settle in – But it will be worth the wait after what I have seen so far.

It was truly a magnificent dismantling of Bournemouth.

Gundogan made his Premier League debut and waiting to see his first full league game was well worth the wait from his injury. He looks like another world beater that has been playing for City for years.

If we carry on like this we will be unstoppable not just in the league but in Europe too.


Player Rating

Bravo 6

Rest day for him – not much to do. Calm on the ball did his job.

Sagna 7

Good going forward, not much need going back. Solid.

Otamendi 6

hmm – off day today. Need to see him abck to how he was a few games ago – complacent.

Kolarov 7

Loves a long ball this lad with his sweet left foot. Good to see him have a shot or too – nothing wrong with that in my eyes. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

Clichy 7

Same as Sagna, not much needed in defence and solid when needed.

Fernandinho 8

Did his job well, no nonsense.

Sterling 8

Love the mazy runs! Keep them up – needs to shoot more for my liking. Starting to proove the price tag and the doubters wrong!

De Bruyne 9

World beater. Best player in the league. Players dread playing against him.

Gundogan 8

Great work ethic – always moving great passing. Cannot wait to see more of him.

Nolito 7

Bloody stupid for the headbutt. other than that great work ethic puts in a shift. Just remember he cost £13.8m! Bargain.

Iheanacho 8

His record speaks for itself. He is going to be a superstar! 10 goals from 14 shots. Awesome!


Stone 6

Sane 6

Garcia 6

Not used

Caballero, Zabaleta, Kompany, Navas